1996 - 1998

41 projects

Where everything began

Glamm Interactive

Internet at its beginning: it's for experts only, but many companies are interested in "building their site". Theory is sexy, but it'll take a while before it becomes practice, and before it is supported by the adequate technologies.

My contribution:
Foppapedretti and its online catalog - Pirelli and its calendar - ERG and a contest - Lavazza' s employees training center - Donna Moderna' s online magazine - with Abacus we report the elections

Imprenditorialità Giovanile has its first portal and integrates online and offline communication.

With Macromedia Flash and Shockwave we open up a new era of animation, graphic integration and the (inevitable) skip intro.

Web is a great community

business press

Finally, communities: I have contributed to the creation of two of them for students and teachers. For the first time the project arises from a quantity of contents: web interacts with users through several topics: history, literature, science and much more with limited access for teachers.