2009 - 2010

62 projects

All companies have a story to tell


This complex project has succeeded in telling the bulky story of a company with many brands to present: one integrated communication production must include them all.
It took a lot of effort to select a huge quantity of historical documents and archive images, but its' been an emotional trip!

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A whole ecosystem to add valute to the brand


Company website, e-commerce, community, blog, fan page: a transmedial project created to tell the brand's story, show the product range, involve users through the use of a non conventional language.

"Are you ready to dive into a riceTherapy website full of resources and strongly lift up the destiny of your dinners?"

Accounting, Project Management, Creative Direction: falling in love with the idea has taken me to cover all these roles.
Special thanks: smack Comunicazione di Parola

Chicchi di risk, Chicchilometro zero, Un chicco per tutti, chic chine e Galletti, Astroriso: what rice are you? Playing with the words in italian we have created "new" content to attract and engage different types of customers.

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Destination thiruvantapuram (india) two very intense months.

What really matters is: keep on developing and creating.

While the content of dailies and magazines move onto tablets through, I explore innovative ways to organize news, designing an iPad-optimized magazine.

It meant reworking hierarchy, spaces and reinventing readability of content. The CMS behind the platform is very well developed, but times simply aren't ready: cost for content duplication and adaptation are too high.