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W gli sposi, the contest


A well designed ecosystem lets entertain and engage, because this is what fans want.
Play, look special, show off: the desire of being at the center of the attention of a brand that received one's "like" involves many targets. This viral contest has quickly engaged recently married couples, who could receive samples of products just by sending in their pictures.

This is the spirit that has driven the creation and launch of this contest.

A selection of content from the blog Un Gallo in Cucina become a magazine

A year with our (fake) chef that talks about his life between music, design, art and love for cooking

There's not only food in life


An intense year spent meeting foodbloggers and journalists, participating to events about food-and not only. Food has a big influence on my Designer attitudes.

But customers always belong to different segments, so we had to deal with health, noProfit , Industrial Associations and with how to end the size of your foot. We also quickly jumped in the mechanical industry, something very real.