2002 - 2004

57 projects

8 years of software evolution


Fascinated since the very beginning by the software evolution and interconnections I am selected to become Adobe Evangelist, demonstrating the software in many public occasions.
2003 is he years of the launch of the firs Creative Suite, Italy is the first country where it is tested.

The project Shortstories by UnDo.net is selected to present the development workflow of a website. From the collection of raw content to its transformation into something suitable for the web, from design to product. Layout, animation, video, database, html to develop a path through the creations of 26 artists.

Here comes another challenge: teaching graphics at IED


Methodology, tools, techniques and technologies finalized to the creation of illustrations, graphics, multimedia and editorial publications.

Users generate content and choose what they prefer

Belli e Brutti

BellieBrutti.it soon becomes one of the first dating websites. 150.000 subscribers vote photos, send and receive messages to play with the rest of the world. A success beyond expectation

Another trip begins


It's the start of a long collaboration with e-zenit, during which I have taken over many roles: from strategy to project design onto production. Dynamic websites, intranet and commerce: not only front end, we start paying attention to back end structures, where clients can upload and update content.
The collaboration with the indian software house starts, and my connections with the world become wider. Planning and code writing determine the success of the projects.

We activate many collaborations with designers, illustrators and copywriters to create the company brochure.

We play with paper, special colors and fonts to reach the desired result.
Illustrations lead us into a dreamland, made of competence trees, eyes that observe us and unreal landscapes.

Special thanks: Maurizio Chesnau e Federico Fazzi