2013 - 2014

20 projects | 6 mobile apps

Not Only Figures


Turn an affiliated-only web sited, created to inform about researches, into an active channel that gives voice to the main actors of the Milk and Cheese industry in italy. Assolatte, the association of the main players in this segment is the most qualified to transfer onto consumers the correct and most useful content and information. bands become visible through banners, videos, interviews. This eclectic structure can be reorganized according to the relevant content, and is thought of as a cross-device development, as people want to reach content from many access points.

A game to test yourself

How can I involve the main target (young and young adults), communicate the brand's values and inform about products through a game activity?
Through the Basketball advergame Novipiù and a top class testimonial like Daniel Hackett gamers have enjoyed themeslves testing their abilities and challenging friends through social networks.
Download the app and start playing!
Illustrations: Francesco Leoni.

Explore to know


A great family, the Borromeo; three wonderful locations; and a century-long history.
The project leads visitors through the Palace and the garden of Isola Bella, telling the story, its anecdotes and curiosities.

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Back to school, you never stop learning


As it often happens, when the going gets tough the fun begins. Around 30 websites, different navigations, a multifaceted presence-all this to collect in a unique website. 5 areas that must live together: school.

And wide objectives:

  • information for students and teachers
  • digital content related to the schoolbooks
  • insights connected to magazines
  • online shopping for the editorial products

A great challenge as a UI-UX designer

More about Coesia

Years after defining the web style guide for Coesia Group, it's time to design the online presence of Flexlink.
Strongly oriented for a mobile and phablet fruition.